History of CCUCC

Over the past several years, Credit Unions have changed as the economy has evolved. A very integral part of this change centers on the role of the Collector, who has become even more accountable for protecting Credit Union assets. Today’s professional collector needs sophisticated skills, including current legal knowledge, financial expertise, excellent negotiating abilities, and a vast array or resources. One of these valuable resources is the CCUCC, an organization dedicated to the education and growth of today’s Credit Union Collector. This unique group was founded in 1978 to meet the ever changing and demanding needs of the professional collector who has risen to a level of increasing importance, visibility, and appreciation within the Credit Union movement.

Benefits of CCUCC


CCUCC offers the opportunity, through expert speakers, to remain current and trained in the constantly changing arena of consumer law. Other topics have included debt counseling, negotiation techniques, skip tracing, time management, bankruptcy law and communication skills, all of which are necessary in the role of today’s professional collector. This education benefit is available through local chapter meetings and seminars, as well as the annual statewide conference.


Networking, more than just a trendy phrase, utilizes the skills and resources of peer to provide options and solutions to unique workplace problems. CCUCC provides the opportunity and encourages communication among collection professionals who understand the uniqueness of this valuable role. Building relationships improves communication. This statewide network benefits your members, your Credit Union and you!


A good collector requires resources outside the Credit Union to accomplish goals. An effective tool is the statewide directory provided to every member of CCUCC. This directory is a complete listing of collectors as well as an extensive roster of Business Partners associated with the business of collections.


Webster’s dictionary defines value as a fair return for something exchanged. Membership with CCUCC entails support of your organization by sharing your ideas, skills and contacts. Interest professional collectors, who value their role in the Credit Union and who are motivated to improve themselves through education and networking will find membership with CCUCC an exceptional value.