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Credit Union Membership
Credit Union Membership
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CCUCC member benefits allow the opportunity for further education, through expert speakers, to remain current and trained in the constantly changing arena of consumer law. This educational benefit is available through local chapter meetings and seminars, as well as, the annual statewide educational conference. Networking, more than just a trendy phrase, utilizes the skills and resources of peers to provide solutions to problems for:

Credit Union Collector Member

A good collector requires resources, outside the Credit Union, to accomplish goals. An effective tool is the statewide directory provided to every member of the CCUCC. This directory is an extensive roster of collectors and vendors associated with the business of collections. Membership in the CCUCC entails support of your organization by sharing your ideas, skills, and contacts.

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Become a Business Partner with Benefits

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Vendor Member Benefits

Business is solidly built by developing relationships with clients and by understanding their needs. These relationships are established and this knowledge is obtained through networking through the CCUCC, which also provides a statewide contact of Credit Union Members, which also includes on-line advertising. Notice and invitations to dinner meetings, seminars, and the annual educational conference are extended to our business partners providing the opportunity to meet with the collection professionals.